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RHODES, a well-known European hot spot for Wind + Kitesurfing!

Strong and constant… The summer wind is blowing daily from midday with up to 5-7 Bft and calling for advanced and pro surfer! The perfect wind direction is blowing side onshore until the beach, and variety water conditions depending on wind power are serving each windsurfer… If you prefer Freeride, Freestyle and also small to medium waves, our location is the right spot for you! This is mirrored in the wide range of the Center Board pool and the big Sail range. For those who are not familiar with the growing shore break, don’t worry…
“Best service for you is important to us”: Doesn’t matter to give you a friendly hand to enter or leave the sea, or to prepare your equipment in perfect way for individual needs… The Surfline team is always on your side! The same time the Baywatch service is monitoring attentive all watersport action and rescue boat and/or Jet Bikes is always on standby! Because: “Your safety is one of our biggest goals”.
Depending on needs and availability you can change any time board and sail size!
The center is holding for all age and gender: Wetsuits, Harness, Life and Impact west.
Surfline Rhodes service offers a 10% price reduction by pre-booking!!!
Don’t miss this offer and place your reservation on your favorite board today….

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Enter the world of Windsurfing

Today it’s easy to enter the world of windsurfing!
Super light, easy handling, and high comfort of stability! This is the perfect descriptions for our startup equipment! Doesn’t matter what age or gender, with the right equipment it’s fun to enter the World of Windsurfing.
Beginner lessons are perfect to take place until midday hours! Light wind and still calm water are helpful during your first sessions.
The same time is also best to improve or refresh your knowledge with up to 2-4 Bft.
The professional and licensed Instructor team is happy to open the door and lead you step by step through the basics of windsurfing! But this is only the beginning! You did the basic course and like to go on, bravo!!! Surfline Rhodes Team is ready to lead you to each level of windsurfing!

All courses are depending on wind and water conditions!

Surfline Rhodes is an official VDWS Windsurfing club!
If you like to finish your windsurfing experience and holidays with the basic Windsurfing Certificate, let’s go for it!!! Our licensed instructor team will be happy to guide you through!!  For more information please visit the official VDWS site:


Windsurfing Rental Prices
1 Hour27,00 €7 Days**270,00 €
5 Hours120,00 €9 Days**300,00 €
10 Hours200,00 €10 Days**320,00 €
1 Day75,00 €14 Days**395,00 €
4 Days**200,00 €
1 Week Storage60,00 €Each additional week + 40,00 €
(Price includes: 1 Board+ 2 Riggs, Airport Transfer 2 ways, use of all center facility’s)

Insurance: 15% on rental price.

Improve your move…. Step by Step we tune you up!!!
Beach – start, Water – start, Planning, Harness, Fast – Tack, Jibe and much more…
All courses take place if necessary at the Beach (Simulator) and the sea.
Group courses on request (max. 4 pers.)Exclusive Equipment
1 Hour / Beach + Water(personal – training session)35,00 €
4 Hours/Beach + Water(personal – training session)130,00 €
All courses are depending on wind and water conditions!
Starter Courses
All starter courses includes all needed equipment!
You don’t know if you like it… So try it for 1 hour!!1 Test Hour45,00 €
5 Hours Course160,00 €
10 Hours Course**230,00 €
Finish your Basic course with the VDWS Windsurfing License!30,00 €
All courses are depending on wind and water conditions!
** Possibility of Pree-booking with 10% price reduction!!!


The wide range of 75 Boards and 120 Sails is holding for each condition and level the right equipment!
From super light Carbon Wave Edition 82L. until up to super wide Entry boards with up to 248L. The Sail range starts by 1qm for youngster and up to 8,3qm Race Sails!
Super light, easy handling and great in performance….
Surfline Rhodes has in stock the right and perfect Sail for everyone and all needs.
All high performance Sails are rigged at least with 75% Carbon.
Also waiting for you: Accessories of Dakine, Billabong an Ion to meet the requirement of everyone! No matter the level, age and abilities of each windsurfer.(The new Brands are covering approximately 80% of the station equipment)

Kode WaveWaveCarbon82 / 93
Kode FreewaveFreewaveCarbon81 / 86 / 94 / 103
Kode FreewaveFreewaveWood81 / 94
FlareFreestyleCarbon93 / 101 / 103 / 111
I SonicFreeraceCarbon107 / 134
CarveFreerideWood111 / 121 / 131
CarveFreerideAST131 / 141 / 151
Atom IQFreerideCarbon100 / 124 / 130
Atom IQFreerideWood104 / 124
Atom IQFreerideTufskin130 / 140
Rio AST S+M+LEntry LevelTufskin160 / 187 / 192 / 231
Start L+MEntry LevelTufskin238 / 248